What is Stick Princess?

Stick princess is the first game I ever made for my daughters.  It’s a short, text-based computer adventure game.  My family loves playing games together, and I’ve wanted to make games that brought us together and help us teach our kids.

Some of the best experiences we’ve had have been with tabletop role-playing games.  We started with Dungeons and Dragons, but found that game system was more complicated then we needed it to be, and didn’t contribute to the experience. Don’t get me wrong,  I love D&D,  it just isn’t the right system for us.

With this blog, I will be exploring games aimed at younger players, the process of game development, the tools and resources available to help.  I’m developing my own game system, and I’ll be discussing that process as well.

Header Art

The header art was created by Don Hardt.