Dazzle and Crow Character Sheets, Transcripts and Recording

Here are the character sheets for Esmerelda (Crow) and Ember (Dazzle), and game creation worksheet for our upcoming fate game, Mr. Mustache’s Magic Academy, the next installment in the Dazzle and Crow Save the Worlds Podcast. Dazzle, Crow and I had a little more discussion about the characters and fleshed them out a little more since the last episode, so you may see some minor differences in the characters attributes and approaches. 

We’d love to be able to offer transcription of our podcasts.  The issues is the time and/or money involved.  Amazon web services offers transcription at a rate that would cost us about 75 cents and episode.   I’m sure that the raw transcription would probably need at least some editing before it was suitable to be posted.  I’ll be exploring that soon to see what we can do.

School starts next week, and the girls are a little stressed out about the start of the new school year.  We usually record on Wednesdays, but yesterday they were both a little to worn out to record.  Hopefully we’ll get the recording done today, and I’ll be able to get the editing and production done one time.  If not, I’ll try to get a minisode recorded so we can release something at our usual time.

You can find the Dazzle and Crow Save the Worlds podcasts here.

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