Fate Accelerated Edition

When we begin our next adventure, we will be playing a different game system.  We will be moving on to a new game, Fate Accelerated Edition, or FAE.  The creators of FAE refer to it as a condensed version of the Fate Core system.  The good thing about either Fate system is the amount of control the players have over the story at every level.  Players are able to propose “aspects” for the world, the scenario, other characters, and almost any other part of the story. 

Character creation is one of the most interesting aspects of Fate. While there are stats associated with each character (e.g. careful, clever, flash, forceful, quick and sneaky) most of the way that the characters are created is through the creation of short narrative blurbs about the characters.  These blurbs define what the character is and what problems the character has.  They also establish facts about the world: if the character is capable of some psychic feat, psychic abilities must be a part of the world they are playing in. 

Additional, as part of the games, the Game Master (GM) can propose situations in which the character’s attributes work against them.  If the character’s problem is that they have a bad temper.  The GM can offer them Fate points to lose their temper in the current situation and act accordingly.  Players change the narrative in their character’s favor with these points.

Tempting Fate

There are defined campaign settings available for use with the fate system. Despite this we are going to build our world from scratch.  Dazzle and Crow want to play a game about young wizards. Crow is halfway through the Harry Potter Series, so of course she is little obsessed with magic right now.

The girls are excited to play.  I’m really excited to see how the story we tell will develop over time. We hope you’ll join us for Fate Accelerated Edition!

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