The Bad Batch: Where My Ladies At?

The Bad Batch

We recently watched the 1.5 hour long series pilot of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Overall I think it was really good. Both Dazzle (12 y/o) and Crow (8 y/o) stayed engaged throughout the full runtime. It’s not particularly educational or anything, but I think they may be working towards some sort of message about what it means to be different, and how important diversity can be.

The story centers on a group of clone trooper who are very different from the other’s. Their creators consider them defective, and yet they are a super effective as a combat unit. There differences play out in their combat styles, but also keep them from getting involved in <spoilers>! Plus they can actually shoot straight, unlike your average clone.

Our Opinions

It was good, but I wouldn’t watch it by myself. If anyone in the family wanted to watch it, I would. The eyes…being fully honest the eyes were really weird! But I did like the plot.


I was disappointed that there wasn’t at least one female clone trooper in The Bad Batch. Yeah, I know, that would violate cannon, but honestly I’m tired of that sort of excuse being used to exclude female characters. It’s fantasy, and it’s not like of of the Star Wars cannon hangs together all that tightly as it is. The clones are labeled defective. I guess it would be problematic if they were defective because they were female, but I’m sure there’s a narrative solution for this problem. The fact that all the main characters have to be clones of space Australian also hamstring any effort to have a more diverse team.

It was good. I want to help beat up storm troopers. I liked Hunter and Omega.


The show does introduce a young female character, Omega who befriends our rag-tag band of clone troopers, so that’s something I guess. The show forshadowed a special destiny awaiting her with the Bad Batch.

Bad Batch: Final Thoughts

Overall, I think all three of us liked it. Dazzle’s biggest issue with the show was the bizarrely large and realistic eyes the characters have. I have to agrree they were a little grotesque, but It didn’t impair my enjoyment. As you can see from Crow’s quote, the show seems to make her think about doing violence to storm troopers quite a bit. Crow is normally a very peaceful and thoughtful kid, so I like to see her get a little riled up by action, but your mileage may vary with your own kids.

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